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Orthopedics, Hospitals and Geriatrics, our products are for the care of people.

Orthopedics and Pharmacy

Products designed to improve the quality of life for people ... Dedicated to orthopedics and pharmacies

Collectives and Hospitality

Specialized in solving the hotelier's needs and improving the stay ...

Baby & Child Care

Company specialized in facilitating the daily life of the parents, in the care of their baby, favoring their hygiene and health ...

Home and Leisure

Day to day life is a frenetic pace of stress and we subject our body and mind to hard tests.

«The specialist in solving the needs of the room, rest and bed, to improve the quality of life»

Lugotex around the world

Representative office
Export to countries

True Textile Manufacturer:

Company dedicated to Textile manufacturing Home in 1984 with 25 years experience and two generations. After its evolution, it creates Lugotex, sl, with Goflor ® brand

How do we work?

The excellent team of highly qualified and whose daily task is the basis for our expansion. The quest for perfection motivates us to serve our customers by offering the best products and quality service at competitive factory prices.

Our team of Sales, Marketing, Technical Office, R & D, Manufacture and Storage Workshop, are continuously in full swing, developing better sales tools, new products and process improvements and production systems, with the aim of offering the various markets the best products, solutions and resources to meet the needs.

The diversity of products manufactured or checked entirely at our facilities located in Tarragona and our factory is equipped with modern machinery that now gives us a tailored responsiveness to customers.

Expecialist Textile

Protection and conservation of the mattress, rest and comfort systems, technical textiles, re-usable and sanitary, lingerie and accessories for home, interior and textile decoration.


The recycling of textile waste prevents them from accumulating in landfills, textile waste can be used for the production of new raw materials, recovered and recycled fibers can also be used

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We're Still Open - Covid19

At Lugotex.SL we continue to operate in order to meet the needs of hospitals and nursing homes.

Opening times
Monday to Friday

8 AM-2PM and 4 PM-6PM