How to customize a product?

Now you can differentiate your brand and strengthen the company with personalized products.

Lugotex will advise and facilitate a correct choice of materials, preparation and design of the products. So that you are satisfied.


You can choose the fabric (always advised by Lugotex) so that your product meets the purpose of the product as reusable, durable, resistant, waterproof, fireproof, absorbent, anti-mite ...


The client will be fully advised so that the product that the client wishes to comply with the requirements and quality standards such as resistance durability, etc ...


You can choose 3 designs on the sticker for the bag. In this way you can advertise and attract new customers to expand your sales fields.


You can rest assured of product marketing. We take care of the brochure and we advise you to design your brochure and strengthen your brand.


We will look for the most efficient way to present the bagged product. You can choose in different bags, according to the needs of the product and its purpose.


Repackage products optimizing space in European measures for storage, boxes designed for European shoveling.


We offer to end customers the best service direct transports so that it does not have to double shipments costs and become more competitive and delays are avoided.

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