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With the day to day life, we are exposed to a frenetic pace with the stress we put on our body and mind to ordeals. Relaxation and pleasant rest favor regenerate the body and mind.

The quality of life is achieved with a harmony of well-being and, for this reason, it is important to feed, sport, leisure and, above all, a good rest regenerating and relaxing so that the body recovers during sleep, eliminate tensions and recover muscle tissues.

For this reason Goflor improves the quality of life, our dream has come true by getting a regenerative rest line using the latest technology. For the reasons mentioned, Goflor has the motto "We improve your life"



3-layer mask with latest generation filter, with anti-bacterial Polyester / Lyocel textile microfilaments, all our raw materials are biocompatible with the healthy skin of people, so it would not cause damage by prolonged use.

We're Still Open - Covid19

At Lugotex.SL we continue to operate in order to meet the needs of hospitals and nursing homes.

Opening times
Monday to Friday

8 AM-2PM and 4 PM-6PM