Viscoelastic anti-decubitus cushion with antiviral cover - SENSITIVE MEDIUM

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Resistant to Covid-19

Silver antiviral nano tectology Effective + 97% against coronavirus.

Viscoelastic anti-decubitus cushion with waterproof, breathable and fire retardant Saniplus Biolastic cover

The relief cushion has been designed by the R&D department that has analyzed the needs of patients who have pressure ulcer ailments and have come up with a combination of high-tech materials, composed of smart materials that absorb pressures and are waterproof, breathable and flame retardant M1. The products antiescaras they are intended to Medical sector to prevent pressure sores problems, used in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and home care. Its qualities and properties make the cushion Antiescaras is recommended for most patients with ulcer problems.

100% Polyester

Scale a cushion pressures Anti-pressure

The Viscoterm material relieves the pressure of the body is composed of millions of open cells, like elastic full of micro bubbles shaped cells and adaptable to the pressures of the human body bed. The Viscoterm slowly recovers its original shape when pressure is stopped.

Sizes and thickness Visco Term

42x42x7 = 3 visco (memory foam) + Kg 4Foam 30

Viscoterm Material

Viscoterm is a different material with open and temperature sensitive cells pressure relief. For this reason it is weightless environment unlike other cell polyurethane compounds irregularly, that simply are compressed under the effect of weight and which are deformed with time.

Saniplus Biolástic fabric

Molds to the shape once clad and tough. With its polyurethane coating is waterproof, breathable which prevents burning fire retardant M1. Easy to clean with just a wipe a damp sponge to prevent break through and proliferate with Sanitized treatment and fire retardant properties.

The Saniplus Biolastic fabric is elastic and flexible due to its adaptability to Viscoterm material.


The cushion cover is of high quality, breathable, waterproof and fire retardant made of PU polyurethane material: Luxe Bielastic (FR) BS 7175: 1989 CRIB.- UNE EN ISO 12952: 2011 1-2

Composition and Certificates

Total fabric
42% polyester 58% polyurethane


160 10 + gr / m2.

+ 1500 gr / day m2


Its cleaning is minimal, just by wiping it with a sponge and moistening it with a disinfectant product is enough. It can be removed and machine washed at 90º and in an autoclave at 120º. Tumble dry at moderate temperature, do not iron, do not bleach

90 º

Machine wash at 90º

Not dry clean

Dryer at 60

no bleach

Do not iron