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Become a Distributor

Want to be a distributor?

Goflor ® distributes its products through professional wholesalers and specialty shops in the industry, both in Spain and in Europe. We know that the satisfaction of these customers is one of the main keys to our success.

To achieve this level of service, business consultants in our organization are daily to attend, with speed and quality, the needs and requests of this extensive network of partners.

We consider our distributors primarily as individuals. Their concerns and needs become our own concerns and needs. The high readiness and motivation of our team is always focused, personalized and direct contact with retailers. To help you directly and personally.

  • All distribution network also has the support of our R & D, always aware of market developments. The result is a wide range of products for each of our sectors that continuously adapts to the needs of the many markets in which we operate.
  • Contact our distribution department and explain and advise you to make your business distributor.

Holiday period

The Lugotex team will be on vacation from August 5 to August 23.


3-layer mask with latest generation filter, with anti-bacterial Polyester / Lyocel textile microfilaments, all our raw materials are biocompatible with the healthy skin of people, so it would not cause damage by prolonged use.