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The human team of LUGOTEX, SL with Marca Goflor®

People, along with the quality and health, are the reason for our company. Of these, their commitment and motivation depend the success and future of our Company. We have a team of highly qualified professionals to successfully undertake the challenges and demands that the market poses.

Motivation and Commitment to Our Business:

  • Commitment and motivation at work every day to achieve our business challenges.
  • Continuous improvement of sales and advising clients to achieve maximum efficiency in the sale.
  • Eagerness to excel and tenacity to achieve the established challenges and permanent nonconformity to overcome itself. Passion for professionalism, integrity and professional ethics.

Holiday period

The Lugotex team will be on vacation from August 5 to August 23.


3-layer mask with latest generation filter, with anti-bacterial Polyester / Lyocel textile microfilaments, all our raw materials are biocompatible with the healthy skin of people, so it would not cause damage by prolonged use.