Breathair 3D anti-decubitus cushion

 REF. 39690125

Wheel chair cushion orthotics Antiescaras of 7 cms

The cushion is made Breathair tissue 3D last tecnoligía black, the measure is 42x42x7, the cover is removable and washable to 60º max. 

PROPERTIES: reduces skin injuries, promotes blood circulation and improves the distribution of body pressure, whether we compare it with a polyurethane, visco, air mattress or springs.

DURABILITY: high durability surpassing polyurethane after 80.000 repetitions. If we compare it with an Air mattress, the big difference is that it cannot be punctured.


LIGHTNESS: reduced weight favoring mobility with one person and very easy transport.

BREATHABLE HUMAN HEAT 37º: its breathability is superior to a Polyurethane mattress (foam or visco mattress) and a 10 cm Air mattress, Breathair exceeds both by more than 25 RH points.

BREATHAIR PRODUCT BREATHABILITY: its breathability is 10 times higher than Polyurethane (foam or visco mattress) and 90 times higher than the material of an Air mattress. In conclusion Breathair surpasses both the polyurethane mattress and the air mattress.

TOILET- Easy to wash, machine washable due to its excellent three-dimensional spring structure, quick drying.

FRESHNESS: 10% cooler than any polyurethane or air mattress, in the summer.

SUSTAINABLE WITH THE ENVIRONMENT, low content of harmful gases. Recyclable.

MAINTENANCE: Breathair, has no maintenance, if we compare it with a motorized air mattress.

ECONOMIC SAVINGS: compared to a motorized air mattress, it does not consume electrical energy, O% consumption.

ADHERENCE: Once in the wheelchair it does not slip.

The cover fabric is made in a very special way thanks to its manufacturing three-dimensional 3D, got a perfect ventilation for Breathair core.

Composition and Certificates

1st 3D fabric exterior cover.

2nd Core Breathair 42x42x7


Its cleaning is minimal, just by wiping it with a sponge and moistening it with a disinfectant product is enough. It can be removed and machine washed at 90º and in an autoclave at 120º. Tumble dry at moderate temperature, do not iron, do not bleach

Machine wash at 60º

Not dry clean

Reduced drying

no bleach

Do not iron