Absorbent pad - ECO ABSORB

Reusable absorbent pad 1 L/m2 3 layers PU Measurement 80x90 with wings MOD ECO ABSOR

The soaker, as 1 th layer meets the required standards of compatibility, irritability and dermal absorption. Thanks to its filter and hydrophilic constitution, its ultra thin layers do not wrinkle and no shrinkage, favoring absorption comfort and hygiene for bedridden people. Provides facilities for carers, being easy to use.
The soaker is reusable, this makes it very economical and ecological.

Frequently used in care for patients with high mobility. Conforms with its underneath the mattress remetiéndolas wings is subject thereby avoiding wrinkles. The purpose is to protect the bed from moisture and stains in bedridden patients without mobility in people with urinary incontinence during care, linen changes and / or cures.


1st Layer: Super soft and comfortable 100% polyester microfiber fabric, resistant to rapid liquid filtration.

2st Layer: 100% Polyester fiber that absorbs 1 L/m2.

3st Layer: PU Polyurethane, waterproof, breathable.

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