Covid-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

New Reusable and Antiviral PPE Line

Protective suits, caps, boots and breathable gowns. All waterproof, waterproof and antiviral. Made from 2 layers of reusable polyurethane (PU) fabric. The interior is completely isolated from external fluids but it is breathable thanks to the PU layer, avoiding an increase in temperature and sweating. Minimum wash of 20 cycles.

Our PPE has been treated with silver ion antimicrobial technology which eliminates the feline Coronavirus family and offer continuous product protection against bacterial growth. According to tests, it has a removal efficiency of 97.77% after 60 min, without the need to wash the fabric.

Technical Specification

Fabric: Interlock PES 100% + PU 20 microns
Weight: 80gr/m2 (+-5%)
breathability: 240-320g. water / m2 24 hours (ASTM E96: 95BW)
Microbial penetration: EN ISO 22610: 2006 - 5.5 + 0.2
BactericidalAnalysis: ISO 20743:2013-PTO.8.1
Antiviral Analysis (coronavirus): 18184: 2019 1
Water column:> 1000. (ISO 811: 2018)
Fabric approved for gowns STANDARD EN 13795-1: 2019
Approvals by AITEX
Gown Fabric Certificate No. 2020TM4196
Antibacterial Certificate 2020TM4131
Antiviral Certificate (Coronavirus): ISO 18184: 2019 (1)
Washing characteristics: washable at 90º (UNE-EN ISO 6330: 2012).
Dry cleaning not recommended.
Storage: Room temperature. Avoid Humidity
Washing: Minimum 20 cycles at 90ºC. Allows machine drying.
Note: all tests are carried out on 10 and 20 washing cycles at 90ºC.

Breathable Waterproof Protective Suit

Breathable Waterproof Robe

Breathable Waterproof Boots

Breathable Waterproof Hat

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